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When your father is a singing and song writing superstar; your mother was a fashion icon; and your babysitter was Andy Warhol; chances are you’ll end up being pretty creative! Which is exactly what’s happened to Jade Jagger, daughter of Mick and Bianca Jagger. Born on October 21, 1971 [with the Sun, Uranus and Pluto all in Libra] she’s a jewellery and interior designer, and does everything which fabulous boho flair.

Bohemian individuals always have Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Jade has Mars in Aquarius, trine Uranus. With homes in London, Ibiza and India … plus professional projects in New York, Morocco and Moscow … she is a cosmopolitan global citizen of the world [which suits her Jupiter in Sagittarius wanderlust].

The photos above show Jade’s gorgeously eclectic home in Goa, India. It’s an exotic environment where ornate furniture blends beautifully with layered textiles, local art, wooden textures, woven walls and grass rooftops.  Her design philosophy? “In a world under threat from insipid, homogenous design, we should celebrate those who constantly seek the unique.”


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The Sun is currently moving through Libra [the sign of partnerships] so the photos above show some classic creative collaborations [in music and movies] … including romantic relationships, platonic partnerships and fabulous friendships. Many successful artistic pairings are between people who share the same quality sign [Fire, Earth, Air or Water] because they are on a similar creative wavelength.

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham – Gemini and Libra [air signs]

Paul McCartney & John Lennon - Gemini and Libra [air signs]

Paul & Linda - Gemini and Libra [air signs – same as with John Lennon]

John & Yoko - Libra and Aquarius [air signs]

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards - Leo and Sagittarius [fire signs]

Johnny Cash & June Carter – Pisces and Cancer [water signs]

Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart – Virgo & Capricorn [earth signs]

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton – Pisces and Scorpio [water signs]


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French actress, singer and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 with the Sun in Libra [sign of beauty]. Bohemian individuals always have Aquarius and/or Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Brigitte has Saturn and the North Node in Aquarius; plus Uranus is quincunx her Sun and opposite Mercury and Jupiter [her ruling planet].

And she certainly epitomised the permissive and bohemian mood of the 1960s [and outraged conservative middle-class society] with her movies, her music, her nude scenes, her love affairs, her fashion sense [she popularised the bikini] and even her hairstyle.

The photos above show her beautifully boho home in the French village of St Tropez [which she made famous] where she has lived since 1958, surrounded by the sea, nature, animals, artists and music.

 I’m a girl from a good family who was very well brought up. One day I turned my back on it all and became a bohemian.” [Brigitte Bardot]

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American fashion designer Liza Bruce was born on September 21, 1954. With her husband [artist Nicholas Alvis Vega] Liza leads a glamorous, jet-setting, nomadic lifestyle as they divide their time between homes in London, Italy, India and Morocco.

Bohemian individuals always have Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Liza has Uranus sextile her Sun, and a close conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus all in Cancer. And her exotic holiday home in Morocco is a boho paradise … crammed full of colour, creativity and fabulous finds from around the globe. … including Kaba cloth from the Congo, leather nomad rugs from Mauritania, Afghan suzanis, Moroccan side tables, ikats from Uzbekistan and Indian silk saris.

Through all the eclectic exuberance, her Sun in Virgo earthiness and practicality shines through via the tiled floors, plus plenty of pottery, wooden furniture and natural timber features [like the tree trunk in the kitchen]. And then there’s the gorgeously lush garden …


Check out the bohemian home of French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent at www.BohoAstro.tumblr.com/Leohome


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The Sun is currently moving through Virgo [which rules hygiene and cleanliness] so I thought it was a suitable time to showcase some beautifully bohemian bathrooms.  And many of them feature old claw foot baths, which are a personal passion of mine. The bathroom above is my own, and the others are some of my favourites from Tumblr and Pinterest …


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Birthday bohemian … Iris Apfel

American businesswoman, interior designer and style icon Iris Apfel was born on August 29, 1921 with her Sun and Mercury in Virgo [hard-working and disciplined] her Moon and Venus in Cancer [home-loving] and her Mars in Leo [dramatic and creative].

Bohemian individuals always have Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Iris has Uranus trine her Moon and opposite her Sun/Mercury. So, with her exotic outfits; over-the-top glasses; and colourful, super-sized jewellery; she’s not your typical 93 year old! [She calls herself “A geriatric starlet”.]

Iris Apfel’s bohemian decorating style is a mix of Virgo variety, Cancer cosiness, and Leo theatrical flair.  Her eclectic New York apartment includes beautiful old Venetian chairs and paintings; English needlepoint; ornate chandeliers; Turkish rugs, thrift shop finds, kitsch ornaments and bowls of fake fruit.

She explains “I mix things up. There is a great jazz component to the way I do things because jazz is improvisation and draws elements from all different cultures. And that’s the way I do everything – the way I dress and decorate.”

I hope I have as much creative style and exuberant energy when I’m 93!

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Birthday Bohemian … Florence Welch

Singer/songwriter Florence Welch [from Florence and the Machine] was born on August 28, 1986. With her Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini [both ruled by Mercury] it’s no wonder she’s often described as having “Mercurial charisma.” Bohemian individuals always have Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Florence has Uranus opposite her Moon and sextile her Venus. Plus her Mars is in the earthy [and very musical] sign of Capricorn.

So her London home is a magical mix of many styles and moods. With her Sun and Mars in earth signs, there’s plenty of wooden furniture and finishes; family treasures and vintage finds; plus lots of texture via tapestries, textiles and Persian rugs [I particularly love the tribal Turkish rug in the first shot].

With her Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini, Florence Welch has very Mercurial passions. She is an avid and eclectic reader [her shelves are lined with books on fiction, fashion, photography, poetry, music and art] plus she confesses to having multiple radios on constantly [note the radio in the bathroom]. And the lounge room has an Avian theme … very Moon in Gemini!


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BOHEMIAN HOME … Betsey Johnson

American fashion designer Betsey Johnson was born on August 10, 1942. She is variously described as ‘wild, madcap, eccentric and flamboyant’ so it’s no surprise she has her Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto all in the showy sign of Leo. Bohemian individuals always have Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Betsey has Uranus sextile her Moon and square her Mars. Plus she has a Taurus Ascendant … which explains her attraction to cosy clutter. “My homes are an accumulation of all my favourite junk. I love clutter … when I buy something, it’s forever. I’ve never parted with a thing.”

Betsey’s Mexican holiday home is called ‘Betseyville’. Like the clothes she designs, it’s a riot of exuberant colour and dramatic flourishes, and is furnished with items sourced from antique shops, flea markets and junk stores. “I really love the process of antiquing. It’s very entertaining to me – I find it inspiring.” But it also has an earthiness that I love with its thatched roof, timber floors, bamboo furniture and rooms filled with local handicrafts. The perfect combination of her Leo Sun/Moon and Taurus Ascendant!

See the picture of Frida Kahlo on the shelf in Betsey’s kitchen?

Check out Frida’s colourful home in Mexico City at   www.BohoAstro.tumblr.com/cancerhome


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Australian artist and activist Kate Durham was born on January 9, 1957 with her Sun in the earthy and resourceful sign of Capricorn. She is well-known for her avant-garde art and intricate jewellery, but also for her work as an advocate for asylum seekers. With her Moon conjunct Mars in Aries in the 9th house [of foreign countries and cultures] she is a passionate fighter for the rights of refugees. Kate also has a Leo Ascendant [her colourful and creative appearance] conjunct Uranus [her bohemian persona, plus the ability to shake up conservative political circles with her advocacy and art].

Since 2001, Kate has opened her home to asylum seekers; established Spare Rooms [and Lawyers] for Refugees; and is foster mum to a young man from Afghanistan. And her fight for the rights of refugees continues … Under the current Abbott government policy, asylum seekers who try to reach Australia by sea have their boats turned back by the Navy; or they are removed to remote offshore detention centres [which have been described as ‘gulags’]; or they are returned to their country of origin [which they left because of religious or political persecution]. As Kate says – thirteen years down the track - “It’s worse than ever.”

For more information on Kate’s refugee work, plus her art [and upcoming jewellery exhibition] go to www.katedurham.com

Photos from Kate’s website and www.theweeklyreview.com.au


(Source: katedurham.com.au)


Australian artist Vali Myers was born on August 2, 1930 [and died in 2003]. She is known for her detailed fine pen and ink drawings but is equally famous for her fabulously bohemian life. She was an artist, dancer, shaman and wildlife warrior, plus she played the role of creative muse to many fascinating people [including Salvador Dali , Tennessee Williams and Patti Smith]. She lived in Paris in the 1950s and then divided her time between the Chelsea Hotel in New York; a 14th century cottage in Positano and her hometown of Melbourne. She had her Sun and Mercury in Leo [trine Uranus] and her appearance was dramatic and unique, with her colourful gypsy clothes and jewellery, her intricate tattoos, and her flaming red Lion’s mane of hair. Her Moon was in Scorpio, which explains her intense emotions, deep passions and extreme approach to life.

“When you’ve lived like I have, you’ve done it all.” [Vali Myers]

I met Vali Myers in 1994, when I went to an exhibition of her paintings in Melbourne. She certainly didn’t disappoint … she was dressed like a bohemian queen; was a bundle of lively Leo energy; and [even at the age of 64] possessed a real child-like quality.

Vali was described by Ed Van Der Elsken as …  “the most far out bohemian … inspiration and companion of artists, eggheads, tramps and travellers. Beautiful, way out, painted like a Papua, dressed like a gypsy, always in absolutely perfect taste.”

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Celebrated fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was born on August 1, 1936 with his Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo [flamboyant creativity] and his Moon in Capricorn [an earthy side]. Bohemian individuals always have Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Yves had Uranus square his Sun and trine his Moon, making him an innovative trendsetter who relished breaking the rules. He was the first French couturier to release a ready-to-wear line; he introduced the tuxedo suit for women; and many of his collections caused great controversy. With his Mars in Cancer he also had a great passion for interior design, and the photos above show his exotic holiday home in Morocco.

Situated in Marrakesh [and called Marjorelle] Yves’ Art Deco style villa was a wonderful expression of his Sun, Mercury and Venus in dramatic fire sign Leo … there was nothing restrained here. Opulent orientalism reigned supreme, and the colour palette was predominantly warm reds, oranges and ochres. And his Capricorn Moon was also evident in the use of earthy colours and textures, plus the abundant use of antiques, timber and tiles.  

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BIRTHDAY BOHEMIAN ….. Alexander Calder

American artist and sculptor Alexander Calder was most famous for inventing the mobile. He was born on July 22 1898 when the Sun was in the last degree of Cancer, which gave him a great love of home, family and children.  With his Moon and Venus in Virgo he had an earthy, practical side and, with his Mars in Gemini, he was extremely versatile … his creative output included paintings, sculptures, mobiles, stage sets, lithographs, toys, tapestries and jewellery, plus he also designed carpets.

Bohemian individuals always have Aquarius and/or Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Alexander Calder had Uranus trine his Sun [a brilliant innovator] square his Mercury [an original thinker] and opposite his Mars [a risk taker]. The photos above show his beautiful home and studio in Connecticut … a unique and magical place that gives us an insight into his colourful, creative and chaotic mind!

Photos from Calder at Home : The Joyous Environment of Alexander Calder by Pedro E. Guerrero


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Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907. She is best known for her colourful self-portraits, which incorporated symbolic portrayals of her physical and psychological wounds. Her private life was tumultuous and included a tragic accident at age 18 [that led to 32 operations and left her unable to have children]; two volatile marriages to the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera; plus many affairs with men and women [including Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, sculptor Isamu Noguchi, dancer Josephine Baker and actress Paulette Goddard].

She had her Sun in creative Cancer, her Moon in earthy Taurus, and a flamboyant Leo Ascendant. She loved to paint, cook and garden, and dressed every day as if she was preparing for a fiesta. Bohemian individuals always have Aquarius and/or Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart and Frida had her Sun opposite Uranus [a rebellious nature]; Mars conjunct Uranus in the 5th house [a fiery and unpredictable love life] plus Aquarius on her Descendant [an unconventional marriage].

“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.” [Frida Kahlo]

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The Sun is currently passing through Cancer, the zodiac sign associated with one of my favourite domestic crafts … patchwork.

Patchwork bedspreads encompass so many things connected with the sign of Cancer [ruled by the Moon] … night-time, beds, bedrooms, sleep, plus homemade crafts [which are made with love, have great sentimental value, and are often handed down through the generations].

When you drift off into dreamland under a cosy patchwork quilt you feel nurtured, nestled, comforted and cocooned in a very Cancerian way …

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As someone who lives in a curved house, I absolutely love the work of Italian/American architect Paolo Soleri [born on June 21, 1919]. With his Sun and Mars both in versatile Gemini, he was a real renaissance man … architect, builder, artist, sculptor, writer, teacher and philosopher. He also had Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto in Cancer, and his visionary buildings remind me of huge Crab shells, that embrace and nurture their inhabitants. Plus, with his Sun closely trine Uranus, he was a real innovator … his ideas and designs were decades ahead of their time, and  precursors to today’s green movement.

Soleri built his home [Cosanti] in Paradise Valley, Arizona … where he started working on curved earthcasting buildings in the mid-1950s. He then began Arcosanti in 1970, an experimental eco-community  based on his theory of Arcology [the combination of architecture and ecology]. His dream was to create a modern society based on beauty, sustainability and strong social bonds. The photos above are of his home and sculpture studio, plus the communal buildings he created at Arcosanti.


Check out the wonderful home of American artist/sculptor/craftsman Wharton Esherick at www/bohoastro.tumblr.com/post/84597909373/


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