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BOHEMIAN HOME – Suzanne Somers

Actress, writer and health-advocate Suzanne Somers was born on October 16, 1946 with the Sun and Neptune in Libra. The photos above show her beautifully romantic home in Palm Springs [which she shares with her husband Alan Hamel] where the main colour [inside and out] is a subtle shade of shell pink … very Libran! I’m not usually a fan of pink but it contrasts so well with the bleached timber and stone floors, and softens the dramatically rocky desert backdrop. I especially love the shot of the outdoor dining setting at night, located in the amphitheatre.

Suzanne is passionate about nutrition, fitness, and living a healthy life well into ‘old age’ … which is shown by her Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all being in Scorpio [the sign of intensity, focus, research and extremes]. And she certainly does have a tendency to overdo things … she’s researched and written 24 best-selling books on health [I’ve read most of them] and takes over 60 nutritional supplements a day. Her innovative ideas [especially about natural hormone replacement and alternative cancer treatments] have caused a lot of controversy in traditional medical circles, but she continues to promote cutting-edge advances in new-age medicine, as befits her Sun being closely trine Uranus.  

The controversy continues … 66 year old Suzanne Somers has some shocking news for  20 year old Miley Cyrus … older people DO have sex!!  usm.ag/1eeFEt6

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