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BOHEMIAN HOME … Helena Christensen

When I look at a person’s decorating style, I primarily look at their Sun [self-expression and creativity] Moon [home and family] and Venus [aesthetic taste]. Plus bohemian individuals always have Aquarius and/or Uranus feature strongly in their birth chart. Supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen was born on Christmas Day, 1968 and has a Capricorn Sun, a Pisces Moon and Venus in Aquarius – plus Uranus is closely square her Sun. So she is an earthy and creative bohemian … and this is reflected in her gorgeous green getaway in New Zealand … full of fabulous eco features, second-hand furniture and thrift-shop finds.  She is a bowerbird and particularly loves “peculiar objects, old and weird things” … the perfect combination of her Capricorn and Aquarian tastes.

[Photos from French Vogue]


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