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American actress Diane Keaton was born on January 5, 1946. When I look at a person’s decorating style, I primarily look at their Sun [self-expression and creativity] Moon [home and family] Venus [aesthetic taste] and the sign on the IC /4th house cusp [domestic environment]. Diane has her Sun and Venus in Capricorn, plus her Moon and IC are in Aquarius … and her home is a unique mix of Capricorn and Aquarian style.

Her Beverly Hills  home is in the Spanish colonial style - complete with clean lines, earthy colours, big spaces, functional and uncluttered rooms, classic furniture and expensive artefacts … all very Capricorn. And then there are the avant-garde Aquarian touches. Lots of large quirky quotes written on the walls in numerous rooms; plenty of cutting-edge contemporary art; an eclectic kitchen … plus the number 3 continually pops up in unexpected places.

Her library is full of books on history, art and design [a bohemian home always has plenty of books]; her office contains a display of Mexican and Californian memorabilia [Capricorns love history]; and the kitchen has clean, crisp Capricorn lines … with plenty of Aquarian eccentricity via colourful modern pottery and boho hand-painted tiles she bought at a swap meet.

[Photos taken by Scott Frances for Architectural Digest]

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(Source: architecturaldigest.com)

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